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Krampusnacht is a Survival/Horror game that puts the protagonist in the hands of Krampus, the demon that visits naughty children during the holiday season who takes them to the underworld to punish them.

During Krampus's visit, a child named Kenny was wrongfully taken. To save him, an angel has traveled to the underworld to aid Kenny in escaping from Krampus’ realm. 

Keyboard Controls:
Move with the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys. Place traps with Space. Press Escape during gameplay to pause.

Xbox Gamepad Controls:
Move with the the left joystick. Place traps with the A button. Press Start during gameplay to pause.

Project made for our Production Team class as "Team Knockout".
Team project created by:
Cameron Krebbers (Programmer/Project Manager)
Tyler Van Buren (Designer/Artist)  
Kenny Hale (Music Composer)

Special Thanks to Will Reierson for his help with refining the story's script and voice acting.

The game will be released when finished!

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