A downloadable game for Windows

*Notice* There is a bug in the game during the forest puzzle where you must finish it without leaving the area, or else you can't progress.

Play as a group of four friends who, while exploring to discover an ancient secret, got separated from their bodies!

Can you help them figure out what happened, and how to escape?

There are regular RPG elements that lean towards survival, since healing and save points are far and between. So, stock up on items! However, you don’t have to grind, because you get all that you need from casually playing through the game.

Final Project for my Video Game Programming 12 Class. This may be a high school project, but don’t come to conclusions; a few hundred hours was put into it.

Estimated play time is 2.5 hours.

*Xbox controller support!


The Spirits - Windows 408 MB


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cool game dude. A lot more slick than I was expecting. I can tell you spent a LOT of time on this game. Did you make the music yourself? And I swear the page turning and door sounds sound like the ones from  TES3 Morrowind.

Good job. Enjoyed it

All of the music was either provided from RPG maker itself, or royalty-free music from Kevin Macleod. The sound effects were from RPG maker, and some from COD WAW zombies (I was super addicted to that game while I was making this, haha). I'm super happy that you enjoyed it!

You have intrigued me. Downloaded, ill post comments as I have questions etc. Control screen doesn't load proper.