The hunters are trying to enter your forest south of this final stretch of land! You must defend at all costs so that they don't murder your family and family and family!

Use W & S, Up & Down, or point the mouse near the top & bottom of the screen to scroll. Use the first three number keys to select a unit, and left click to place them; right click to deselect.

Final Project for my Video Games 101 class, made alongside Clinton Ballot within two weeks.


Rabbits VS Hunters - Windows 39 MB
Source Code 74 MB


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This game is inherently unbeatable, or so it would seem...

It is quite beatable, it may just take enough tries to get through it. While it is true that is is seemingly unbeatable, one of the people I had tried the game beat it on their first go. It's all about choosing when to farm up properly. Being greedy can be rewarding :) Thanks so much for playing and commenting! I really appreciate it.

no problem. I couldn't figure out if the moles give more than just further mobility (more damage), or if their mobility trail provides anything effective beyond visual. cool concept though. I like that its the bunnies killing off the hunters