In this game, there is no goal. It’s all about toying around in this playground utilizing your slingshot loaded with rocks and grenades as ammo.

Mouse to look around. 
WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Shift (hold) while moving to run. 
Space to jump. 
Left click to use the slingshot.
Right click to change ammo.
"R" to restart.
Escape to exit the game (May freeze the game when playing on the Game Page)

Project made for my Game Physics class.
Documentation for the game's physics here if interested.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Physics, Sandbox


Physics Playground - Windows 47 MB


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the minute it started the camera spun for like a minute and then i got flund off the map, also laggy as hell

ps is there zombies in this version ?

There are, but they are simply ragdolls. They are all in a huge pile near the entrance of the house. A grenade makes them fly around everywhere! hehe.

Great physics.

Would make a great basis for a field archery game. Or golf ? or even a Worms type games :-)

Those are some nice ideas, definitely something I could think about for the future. Thanks for playing!