Take your role in the hands (or lack thereof) of Pac-Man as you manage your way to the top of the fruit chain! You only have several days to maximize your profits while performing better than the ghosts in this exciting simulation game!

Your ultimate goal is to make more total fruit value than the ghosts combined total within a single day. You can do that by collecting fruit at the farm, generating them by touching your workers, and also sabotaging the ghosts with your power pellets. 

Use the arrow keys to move, and space to shoot a power pellet on the roof.

Final Project for my 2D Programming class.


Pac-onomy - Windows 6 MB
Source Code 1 MB


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The idea is awesome,I realy like this game.But when I want to shoot a ghosts and spend all my fruits,I can't leave the ghosts screen.When I press ESC,it just restart the game.Can You please fix it and add that we can exit the ghosts screen and back to our farm?


Ah, that was definitely something that I should have made more intuitive to the player. To exit the roof, you press down. Thanks for playing my game, glad you liked it!

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Thanks for explaning!I GOT IT NOW!!!WOOOOOO!!!! :DDD