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In this floaty abyss, you are high up in the skies. Where you go, nobody knows.

Omni is a 3D platformer where you utilize a "toolgun" to interact with your environment. Shoot platforms to make them active, and shoot grapple blocks to travel to them. Try to discover all of the secrets!

This game is a sandbox playground. This is mainly a prototype that showcases the gameplay mechanics that I improved on from my previous game, Sewer Skirmish.

Mouse to look around. WASD keys to move. 
Shift (hold) while moving to run. 
Space to jump. 
Left click to use the toolgun.   
Escape to exit the game.

Project made for segment two of my Production Team class, created over the duration of four weeks.


OmniPlaygroundWebGL.zip 14 MB
Omni Playground - Windows 30 MB


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game looks cool!

Cube Clouds on the Sky, it's incredible that the gun's hook reaches more than a kilometer away.

Yeah, it's actually quite fun to travel long distances. Thanks for playing!